Hi there! My name is Arpita. I am a momma to two beautiful princesses and married to an amazing guy (although I probably don’t tell this to him enough). I am not your typical mom; I am a cool mom (ask my toddler if she agrees). I dare to dream BIG! I learned to speak English at the age of 14; probably wasn’t fluent till age 15’ish, but heck here I am, writing my own blog. If you told me this 15 yrs ago, I would have said “in your wildest dreams”. I follow quite a few bloggers. In the era where technology lives on our fingertips (no pun intended), and literally anything can be “googled”, I am amazed by how much I have been inspired by these bloggers – it’s almost as if my creativity literally flourished overnight. I want to use this outlet to share my journey of motherhood, parenthood, raising children and traveling with children – because why not? If my journey (or rather my family’s journey) helps or inspires at least one person, I have accomplished my Goal!! I am also a foodie (vegetarian meals only, sorry but not sorry) so you might see some food posts pop up once in a while (sometime I go on a cooking spree so your feed might be overloaded with these occasionally). I LOVE interior designing. I don’t necessarily prefer a particular theme. It just depends on the day haha, but it’s a fair mix of traditional Indian and modern, occasionally antique/farmhouse style. I can’t wait to show off some of my home decor pictures.

I am a neat freak. I have borderline Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) about keeping everything clean and organized! Having kiddos hasn’t helped with this at all, but I am learning to at least letting kiddos’ play area be messy for few hours (or days haha)!

THANK YOU for being here. THANK YOU for following along as I take you along our journey and our adventures – parenting, travelling with kiddos, cooking delicious home made meals, keeping kiddos busy with activities and so much more! Welcome to Unfiltered Gandhis!

P.S. I forgot to mention what I do for a living – a hematology/oncology clinical pharmacist (aka an expert with a doctorate degree in cancer medications and yes, I play a vital role in saving cancer patients’ lives). If you want to know more, check this out.